Best configuration for stability [resolved]

Evening to all,

What is the best configuration for CFP v3 to install from following

a) with default option provided during installation.
b)With D+ disabled( Some leak protection enabled)
c) with No D+ and No leak Protection,

I am asking this question to all members bcoz even after nearly a years use D+ learning is continuing , I suspect it will never complete, (:SAD)

I have tried other option with mixed result. I dont want my firewall program to destabilize my system by intercepting many windows events
(:NRD) I once installed with No D+ and leak protection with not favorable results.

To be specific I want only firewall functioning , I know there is a option to disable the D+ permanently ,
To be more precise if D+ is disabled will it lead to unstablity or strange problem in CFP in long run.

Thanks in advance

Hello there,
I would install D+ and then disable if necessary. You may just encounter a situation where you’ll be glad you have it. If one’s software environment changes with some regularity then yes it’s true - Defense Plus is always learning. However, I’ve found that the less I visit filehippo, the fewer alerts I have to contend with ;). Once I finally settled on what tools I was going to keep, and after they’d all been at least driven a few times, CFP and D+ were almost never heard from. Comodo is a wonderful firewall and the HIPS is my favorite by far, but they both needed time to get to know my config and habits.
Anyway, you can always turn D+ back on some day if you decide to, rather than have to reinstall to get it.


Thanks comfo for reply

regards adi

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