Best configuration for avast and COMODO to "play nice"?

Please tell me the best configurations. Thanks.


Please only bump a topic once every 24 hours. As these are community driven forums it may take a while for someone who knows enough to answer your question to stumble across it.

Also, although I am not sure of specific changes, I believe you should be able to follow my advice here and disable the Avast web-shield. I think that should work fine.

I’m sure others will drop by soon to provide more detailed advice, if required.


Sorry about that. I’m eager to get COMODO Firewall again.

Read these please.
They may help.


Your Welcome.!

I noticed that one is when COMODO v5 was out. Does the exceptions change for COMODO v6?


No reason to keep bumping. Rather annoying. Just follow the advice.

Yes, include each other as exclusions and add the driver applications like sound card and video driver applets on D+ to avoid BSODs.