Best Config for Fire-wall and Defence +

Good day,

I would like to know the best config for my fire-wall and Defence +.

Also, where would I find what the fire-wall accepts and refuses as connections and programs ?

I’m affraid that I might have granted a Pop-up message (application or port access) to something.

Unfortunetly, I was unable to see the image of 3.7 Fw - attack detection - misc.jpg from the What are the Defaults forum message, because I checked the second option. Is that option correct to check ???

Thanks !

Thank you for your response.

It doesn’t completly answer my questions.

1st of all, do I check the option in the Attack Detection Settigne, Miscelaneous, Do protocol analysis ???

2nd, How do I exactly look for the ‘’ What is this about ‘’ option ?

3rd, Where is the ‘’ Manage my configuration ‘’ in under miscellaneous ?

I’m on a private home computer so no proxy or server issues.

The stealth port area I haven’t changed, so if I remeber well it’s always on Stealh to everyone except for trusted zones.

Is their anything else I should now about ???

Tkx again !