Best AV Config on Low Resource POS 1GB ram

I have Comodo AV on my cash POS and it seems to be hanging for about 15secs about every time i touch the machine. Ideas for the best configuration of the AV for such low resources?

Sandbox on or off?
defense+ on or off?

what to have checked and what not to have checked.


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I have CIS as it comes; CIS only uses 15MB which is good. You can change from Internet security to proactive seurity (right click on CIS tray icon → Configuration → Comodo - Proactive Seurity)

I suggest you disable services that you don’t need/uses by type services.msc in run. is a good site that you use in order to know what services you don’t need.

you can for instance disable windows firewall and windows defender.

Valentin N

When your machine is hanging is Task Manager showing one or more processes to be very active?