Benefit(s) to updating from latest v5?

After, what, a year and a half or something v6 is still not being offered to v5 users. Yes, I do know there’s a v6 available because I come-around here, but if you click on Updates in v5 it doesn’t even show you an option for v6!!!

Can someone explain what the reason is for this. Yes I know too that the GUI is radically different. But what might the advantages (or disadvantages) be for updating from v5 to v6–notice I didn’t say “upGRADEing” because I don’t know that v6 IS and upgrade.

At least, the last I checked v6 still did awful stuff like download the entire bases.cav with every single update.

Where’s the comparison chart fellas?

OK I guess there are no benefits to updating from v5… :stuck_out_tongue:

That stuff about the entire database being downloaded with every update is nonsense. It simply does not happen and never did. I have left a computer idle and off for a week or more and CIS 6 still only downloads what is new and it’s usually under a megabyte in size. There have been numerous fixes made in v6 over v5 but you have to have to ask the experts what exactly they are.

Hi laserfan,
Pros V6.x,
Better security and malware prevention with state of the art technology.
Faster scans with caching capabilities.
Added functionality including Virtual Kiosk.
Continual bug fixes.
Highly configurable GUI complete with a customisable task-bar and compact or advanced views.
Ability to import the Virus database for offline use.
File rating scan.
Improved architecture for processes required by CIS resulting in better stability and performance.
Continues to be compatible with updated Operating Systems.

This is just to name a few, it is definitely an upgrade from V5.x IMO.

Kind regards.

This is excellent captainsticks–exactly what I was looking for. I’m the guy everyone asks–“Which AV program” and I’ve always said CIS but with the caveat “but I’m not on v6 yet”.

@Dch48 glad to know the rumor I’d heard was wrong–no one refuted it in that thread (one of the long announcement threads).

Thanks guys I will upgrade.


You are welcome and I hope it serves you as well as it has done for myself.
The severe GUI changes can be a little daunting at first for some users, but quickly learned and appreciated by most. :-TU

Kind regards.