Benchmarking your browser

Use this link from Peacekeeper - The Browser Benchmark to test your browser(s).
tests both x32 and x64 browsers.

This is the score I got with IE8 and CD:

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Yay 422

More of an indictment of my system than the browser I’m sure.

Hi Guys,

Below are the results of my test (see attached)

I was running this one looooong ago & just decided to rerun it just out of curiosity because of the John’s post & since I can compare it to my previous results

Well sure - no surprise that IE is pathetic now as it was long time ago (not touching the security subject…)

The differences:

  • The latest version of Chrome was tested compare to what John posted - mine is the latest v5;

  • Both Chromes are Portables. The XP test was for the Chrome running from the external Flash drive, but the win7 x64 one is installed (as portable) on the hard drive;

  • only IE8 64bit was tested on win7

I never use IE & sure the results of this particular test (stressing!!!) should not be different for 64bit IE compare to 32bit IE except the fact that most of you know - many if not most of MS 64 bit applications (IE included) are running slower than 32 bit equivalents … different story

There are few things, which can be considered !ot! I mean I was not able to run the test properly unless the Defence+ is disabled
I haven’t got time yet for investigating that further

If anybody can comment on that - please do - that will be much appreciated

That was never the case with Firewall & Defense+ active prior to v3.14 which I am still using on both XP Pro 32bit & Win7 x64


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The question of browser security seems to me as the main one.

But i am quite dubious with browser benchmarking, at least when speaking of dsl or other high speed connexions: even if the testing is not biased depending of multiple factors like os, other resident softwares…, are we in such a hurry to surf that we would need the “fastest” browser even if using our actual one does not lead to noticeable lags?

Indeed brucine ,
and despite any tests & alleged seed of Chrome - you will never feel that having fast broadband.
Despite any figures - it is nothing
At the same time I do agree - the security is more important & Chrome currently is pathetic compare to Firefox (some may say compare to Opera) …
IE cannot be counted here at all… - just dangerous stuff, as simple as that