Benchmark, Chrome VS Dragon VS IRON

I did take the time to make a benchmark test this time on my i7 desktop, to show the Dragon users the difference between Chrome and Iron.

Iron is an alternative to Dragon, , it has a lot in common with Dragon, it does for instance delete the install ID.

Anyway here is the benchmarks, the results speaks for them selves, I have now maid the decision to move over to IRON.




You can also test Chromium 7: Chromium Main Console 8)

Thanks for the results but I would expect CD to score similar results if tested under a newer version.

However, it does seem very quiet on the CD front. I can only hope this is due to the change in chromium version but a little input from the dev’s would be nice ;).


I am only interested in official and stable versions. The alpha/beta versions I am not interested in.
These are the versions that are available if you download from each website.

I suggest you move over to Opera 10.61, it is way better.

Opera was always kinda slow for me.

While performing good in benchmarks, visually I always have thought chrome loads faster.

Opera tend to load the site all at once, while chrome loads the sites bit by bit…

if some one is able to do benchmarks comparing Dragon V8 and Iron V9 it would be nice…I am not able to do it…cause…I have too many tabs open…and I do know how to save the tab session.

I will do a V8 CD vs a Iron V9

Will also do a V9b CD vs Iron V9

Thank you man. It will be interesting to see.

Here it is… Tested v8 and v9b of Dragon, and Iron v9

Its a very close call, as the scores aren’t always the same if I repeat the test.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Interesting to see the version 9 is slightly faster, so CD is not doing too bad at the moment… Not to forget, this only tests for speed and not security (correct?). I wonder what the v9 CD Beta is like, am sure that will be released stable soon enough once Comodo do their thing.


Yah, thats a speed test only.

I’m kind of curious to see how Firefox performs in comparison to these benchmarks.
Anyone feel like running some benchmarks?

Omelet guy ran some benchmarks at the start of the year.

Dragon vs Other Browsers Results

this does not work on IE9

Worked fine when I tested IE 9.

Is peace keeper making it crash?

no it is coming up at IE7

I did read today that Chrome 10 is up to 64% faster then V9.
You get subtle boost in some benchmarks…but especially the java engine is much faster.

You probably mean Javascript. Javascript has nothing to do with Java.