Being able to choose what happens to an unrecognized file when it tries to run.


In the current version of CIS, Behavior Blocker only has the ability to automatically sandbox the files using a pre-defined level of security, or to block the file.

My wish is for the ABILITY/OPTION to do this as the unknown file is trying to run. So instead of having it automatically sandboxing the file as, lets say Fully Virtualized. It gives me an alert in which I can choose these things:

Option 1: Sandbox as… (When clicked it will drop down a list from where you can choose the level of security you want to sandbox the application as)

Option 2: Allow (When clicked it will drop down a list from where you can choose either to allow for the session or also add the file to the Trusted Files list.)

Option 3: Block (When clicked it will drop down a list from where you can choose either to Block once, Block for Session, Always Block or to Block and Delete.

Of course this would be an OPTIONAL setting and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s enabled or disabled by default.

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+1. good Idea.

I agree with this, I’m working with a lot of PDF files and they’re instantly sandboxed and that causes an issue with the viewer. I rather have it ask, so that I don’t have to re-open the PDF

I like it too. It should give the option instead of the present way of letting you choose to not restrict it again and then having to close and reopen it.

+1 (read here:

Also, this is a common wish:

The problem is that sometimes a file gets sandboxed and it causes issues (example: batch scripts used by installers) and there isn’t an easy way to restart the sandboxed file (maybe it’s a temporary file of an uninstaller).

Good ideas +1 88)

+1 8)


Does CIS 7 implement this?

The CIS sandbox is unusable without this because, as I already explained, it can break applications.

CIS V7 has not implemented this. There is a new wish for it here, which you can vote for.

There is a new system in place, which should make it more likely that highly desired wishes are implemented. That is why this wish request was moved. For more information please see this topic.