Behavior Blocker Pop-Up???

When you run a file(s) and the behavior blocker pops-up says default ‘run isolated’ - what restriction level does it run at when I click run isolated?

The same as Auto-sandbox setting in Advanced view GUI.

Even me, didn’t know that. Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope I’m not wrong… . ;D

I just double-checked with an unkown installer (so I got the alert)

[td]Auto-Sandbox level[/td][td]Result[/td]
[td]Fully Virtualized[/td][td]Sandboxed as Fully Virtualized[/td]
[td]Limited[/td][td]Sandboxed as Limited[/td]

So it seems you’re right.

… I put way too much time into that table format… didn’t even end up that great. :-\

That’s excellent, I always wanted to know. Now I do - thanks!!! :slight_smile: :wink:

No problem,
you’re welcome.