Behaves like scamware!

I am a user of COmodo products for a few years now but I have not used Lie SUpport / Geekbuddy for at least a couple of months. Today I needed to consult today and had a rather bad experience with the latest version.

Firstly I had to download the latest vesion from the site, it installed, but then almost immediately it went off to download yet another version. Not a good start, especially as it took 15 minutes or so and hogged my PC in the meantime.

Then I was prompted whether I wish to start using Geekbuddy, but curiously it additionally mentioned in the dialogue box that Geekbuddy can clean. Do I want to learn more? So yes, and off it takes me to the user manual page. Well, not much use right now I thought, let’s proceed with using Geekbuddy to solve my issue with Comodo Backup…

No sooner did I start than I noticed that Prevx was flashing up a whole string of new exe files and I caught that it mentioned cleaner or something, then the CPU whirrs away and I had absolutely no way of understanding what EXACTLY was happening and no way to INTERVENE to stop it!! This is incredible, this is how scamware behaves!

By that time an operator came on and I queried the cleaning and said I did not want it, only support to ask for help to an issue. He then said that he stopped it. Now that intrigues me, since I did not explicitly give him access to control my PC how did he stop that process remotely? Assuming that he did that, it means that a rogue employee could run any script they wanted.

I am not a happy customer on this one. Sorryfor sharing it here, but email support is never responded to, and I don’t want to PM Melih over this, at least not yet. Does any body have any similar experiences with this version? ???

Peter (02/15/11 16:43:52): Hi, my name is Peter and I will be helping you
today.This is just one of the many procedures your geekbuddy can help you with to
maintain a healthy and secure system.

Client (02/15/11 16:44:09): No, I do not need cleaning!

Client (02/15/11 16:44:29): I have an issue with Comodo Backup

Peter (02/15/11 16:44:54): What issue do you have ?

Client (02/15/11 16:45:12): Why are you cleaning my PC?

Peter (02/15/11 16:45:41): You clicked Yes on the message asking you wheter you
would like our assistance.

Client (02/15/11 16:46:13): yes i want assistance, but i do not want cleaning?!

Client (02/15/11 16:47:28): Are you there?

Peter (02/15/11 16:47:41): Yes I am here.

Client (02/15/11 16:48:00): Is there still cleaning on my PC ?

Peter (02/15/11 16:48:30): No. I stopped it.

Client (02/15/11 16:49:02): OK thanks. Does this cleaning happen each time I
request Geekbuddy?

Peter (02/15/11 16:49:51): No.

Client (02/15/11 16:50:10): OK, my security warned me about the processes.

Client (02/15/11 16:51:49): My issue is with Backup. I have created some
incremental backups. I ran them for the first time, now I would like to give each a
scheduled time so that it increments each time. But I cannot see a feature for
adding a time schedule to my own profiles.

Client (02/15/11 16:55:09): Hello?

Peter (02/15/11 16:55:32): One moment please.

Client (02/15/11 17:08:21): This is many moments…

Intervention session completed.

:-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD

Have you tried to go to CB → Management?

Valentin N

I go there, but cannot see any options for editing, just a list of historical events?


Whilst you’re waiting for the PC Support guys I’ve merged your 2 topics together. I’m assuming that is what was required.

if you want see the recent activities go from calendar to list.

I connected with another agent. This time he discovered that there is in fact a bug in CB which prevented the schedule icon from appearing!

After and uninstall reboot reinstall reboot everything is OK.

Thanks for the suggestions. Feel free to close thread if you wish.



so next time think before you will write such negative review on the basis of one session…

Excuse me!

My chief complaints are not the issue with CB scheduling, they are

  1. the way that Geekbuddy runs silently like scamware. It never used to do that before.

  2. the sporadic quality and waiting of the Live Support / Geekbuddy, and being cut off. I now realise that I was connected as a trial customer at that first point. Once I later added my serial number again, I was treated differently and quickly. Therefore new users, in my exprience, are treated differently and get cut off.

These issues remain outstanding and I would like to report them to the company, only that email in the past never seems to get any response.

a review ??? What r u talking about ?!

I would suggest - you have to think a lot! before pressing “any key”…
That was one nasty remark !