Beginners question - will my scenario work

I have two Windows 7 pc’s (stationary and laptop) connected in a workgroup, and a Dlink DIR-655 router for Internet access.
The stationary pc is acting as a “server”, I have a tax-application running on it, running the client-application from my laptop.

Would I be able to use EasyVPN over Internet, and still use the client installed on my laptop, having it communicating with server?

Since the clientapp is also installed on the server, I can RDP from Internet directly to the server. But I want to have a more secured access.
And also, I am interested in this technique of VPN. Therefor I would like to try.

Hi Jme2010:
You scenario will work if your tax-application work in LAN. You may need specify which connection your tax-application could use to connect.