Beginner Setup

Hey there guys, I was wondering if anyone can give me a setup so Comodo won’t have that many popups compared to its default set up. I just introduced Comodo to a friend, and they’re not the best with computers out there, so I want to give them a setup that doesn’t have many popups, but still protects the computer well.


I have the default settings on Comodo CIS with the following changes. After install I install the AV update to the latest I next right click on the shield icon and change the configuration to Pro-Active Defence, this will also make the settings for Firewall and Def+ change to Safe Mode. I then set the Firewall rules for System and svchost to outgoing only and the rules for Firefox and IE8 to web browser. I then open up every program I can from the Start>All Programs list and either Allow or take an appropriate response to any pop ups encountered. When I am finished I open Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy and click on Purge and then Apply on the All Programs Valid notice. I then do the same on Defence+. After that I will not have many pop ups at all and those that I do get are always in conjunction with something I am doing so I answer them accordingly and using a mix of threatfire results and common sense.
I also make sure that my PC is clean using the AV, SAS, MBAM etc before I do any of this.