Before I uninstall CPF....

Before I uninstall CPF I want to know why it asks me EVERY TIME I log on if I want to allow IE, Firefox, my antivirus program, etc. I have checked “Please remember” my answer, gone to the libraries and checked “allow”; I have done everything I could possibly do not to have Comodo pop-up while I’m at a website and ask if I want to allow a program. I think CPF is a very good program and firewall but this asking and popping up all the time has exasperated me; I am ready to uninstall and find another one. Thanks for any help.

Well, I see my post was read 63 times but nobody had an answer/solution. Either y’all think I’m dumb as dirt or nobody has a clue. Thanks for nuttin’! (:WAV)

Sorry that no one has answered you yet Petunia. Welcome to the Comodo forum.

I have the alpha version installed and not the 2.4 version but I will try and help you. One thing I noticed when I was using the 2.4 version was that it seemed a program could have many different parents and thus would ask me to allow each new parent. The parent seemed to depend on which program had current internet access.

The pop-ups seemed to quit after I had opened up all of the possible combinations. One thing that you might try is the next beta of version 3 when it comes out the middle of August. I am using it now and it works much better in that department.

Somethings you might try is setting the alerts to low and maybe unchecking the loopback checks.

Hope this helps.


hi Petunia

I believe the problem is you posted this request help in the wrong board. This board is for people to tell their views and to vote. The help board is the place to ask for help as it is monitored more frequently for people who need help.

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