before downloading files have dragon sumbit to virus total, cima and valkery

let this be optional and configurable so the user can tell dragon to submit it to 1, 2 or all 3 services (virus total, cima and valkery)

if any result comes back bad, show a page that shows what services detected it as bad and what engines in those services detected it as bad. then if the user still wants to proceed, have the user click a check box and then click a button to proceed with the download. this would really improve dragon security and no browser does this

you may say cis will handle this but what if it’s not detected by CAV, Defense+, firewall and sandbox. this is highly unlikely but it can happen and probably has happened. also what if the user doesn’t use any portion of cis but uses comodo dragon. this is probably unlikely as well but as dragon becomes more popular it will become more likely.

Valkyrie will be added to the cloud once Comodo finished testing. Results will then be accessible for CIS though the cloud look up.

There already is a Virus Total Extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers you could use for now: .

ok cool about the virus total thing but what about people who don’t use CIS with comodo dragon? how will their downloads automatically be scaned with valkery and cima as i have suggested? also the VTzilla thing wont automatically scan downloads with VTzilla will it?

i brought this suggestion with people who don’t have a clue about security such as my parents and many of my friends