Before, CIS / Comodo Firewall, using Manual av sig updates

As mentioned, one of the computers I have is an XP tower with one of the older processors that does not support the new compiler that Comodo now uses.

Everything worked fine till the incorporation of this compiler with version

Could the preceding version be made available for download with any and “all updates” included prior to the new compiler. Thank You

Can manual updates of the av signature database, still be done ?
If the new compiler is used for the manual updates then this request is of no use, as the updates will fail.

Would like to still use Comodo on this old PC !

Again Thank You

Filehorse has older versions:

I’m using v7.0.317799.4142 because of the buggy new version and also because I don’t like the new Sandbox and File List without the Purge button. I’m using it on an old AMD processor (AMD Athlon AX1600DMT3C, circa 2003) and also on an old Lenovo laptop with WinXP. Automatic and manual database updates can still be done. You just need to refuse downloading the program updates to prevent updating to the latest 8.2 version.