Become a programmer

Hey there! i would like to become a programmer. what programs do i need? I would like to program things for windows; that’s the OS i use and i will properly use in the future aswell


Hey all! I have installed visual studio 2010 and I wonder which environment I should program in?

(I want to begin to program.)

General Development Settings, Project Management Settings, Visual Basic Developement Settings, Visual C# Development Settings, Visual C++ Development Settings or Visual F# Development Settings.

Thanks in advance!


C++ and C#.
C# might be a little be easier to begin with (because you don’t have to manage memory, and there are a lot of tools to do graphical stuff).

I would also recommend Python, you don’t need a specific IDE, you can do it with your favorite text editor. I recommend Komodo EDIT (heh ;p).
Python is also cross-platform, it works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
Here is a tutorial:

edit: how old are you?

I am 22. Thanks for the info I will look into it.

I feel young…

I started C last year :slight_smile:
Great Language.

Good night ya’ll


which of C Jacob?

Certainly “C”, like in C/C++ :slight_smile:

C++ is an object oriented programming language (like C#), C isn’t. The syntax is similar though.
C# is more like Java, another programming language.


I had a LabSim for C++

C++ is hard for a beginner to study. Better start study C# , it is comare to easy and it has a good development tool for study - Visual Studio . gives you a basic type tutorial and source code. If you want advanced go to . After you study C# go to c++ , both are object oriented and similar to Java.


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