Be vigilant with customize installer options.

The following advice is based on my opinion only.

For all software.
It is all to familiar with some users complaining the program did not install the items they required, or they now have items that they didn’t require.

Whatever the program is be watchful for install options and if you are not competent enough to do so, get a friend or colleague to teach you the basics.

Imagine purchasing a home, not looking inside behind closed doors only to be greeted with something undesirable after purchase.
Would you complain to the sales representative?
No, because you would have no other to blame but yourself for your irresponsibility.
If you are not a vigilant person yourself, you would seek advice from others.

The same with installing software don’t blame the creator, when necessary don’t be afraid to ask for advice to help lessen the chance of a surprise later.

The only silly question, is the one that is not asked.