Be Able To Save A CIS4 Antivirus Scan Report In HTML Or PDF Format

Presently the only way to save a CIS4 Antivirus Scan Report is in text format.
‘Notepad’ saves all the data but it is in a form that is jumbled.
One can’t readily read the saved data like the way it’s presented on the CIS4 Antivirus Scan Report screen.
The data as presented in ‘Notepad’ is unweildy as the column and line information is not maintained.
There is no way to highlight the CIS4 screen data and save it in HTML or PDF format.
The initial Antivirus Scan Report took 6+ hours to complete.
Not being able to save it in a form that is readable is a real hindrance.
Presently the only way to save a readable Antivirus Scan Report is with separate ‘Print Screen’ images.
Ideally one should be able to save the report as a single HTML or PDF file.

I don’t use the av, so i don’t really know what i am talking about.

But isn’t it possible to “print” the said report to a virtual pdf printer, or to convert the txt file to html
( ?