BBC Iplayer

Ive had more than my fair share of problems trying to get iplayer to work,it turned out to be Comodo which i had uninstalled ages ago was somehow blocking it.
I followed the instructions below (sorry to the poster i didn’t get your name) and having reinstalled Iplayer and gone back to Zone Alarm it works fine.

[b]This method worked well for me with XP Home.

"In control panel click on Administrative Tools, then Services, from the list of services find Windows Management Instrumentation right click mouse and from dropdown list stop the service.

Find folder C:\windows\system32\wbem, inside this folder identify the repository folder and delete only this folder (the repository folder) from your computer.

In Administrative Tools find Windows Management Instrumentation service again, and re-start the service by right clicking mouse and pressing start from dropdown list. Restarting this service re-builds the repository folder database on your computer, which should now only contain information about your currently installed antivirus & firewall programs.
I prefer Comodo to ZA but i could not bet the BBC multicast to work with it and Iplayer also doesnt , i guess there is a way to make it work and i will kepp an eye on the forums to see if anyone posts the method. :wink:

To reset the Windows Security Centre you must re-boot your computer."

Or there is also a script you can download. Check the 5th Reply in this thread by Panic. The script is an attachment at the bottom of the #5 Reply.,2479.0.html[/b]