BB Setting(s)?????

Please check the facts in the online help repository: Always Sandbox | Comodo Internet Security | Comodo Internet Security v5.9/5.10

White list and trusted vendor list are means to reduce alerts while maintaining good levels of security. If you want full control with CIS you can take it and not use white listing.

funny, for testing i have installed Kingsofts Cloud AV beside CIS and while i download the file, Kingsoft says its a trojan :slight_smile: … seems its wrong named for this testapp

It’s probably a false positive of Kingsoft.

It blue screened my Win 8 when I tried to run it sandboxed…

When I manually sandboxed it within Windows 8 it either logged me out or locked the computer and upon login I was presented with a grey colour (probably because that is what my Windows colour scheme is) and explorer.exe hadn’t started.

no, i think Kingsoft wanted mark it as a potential unwanted software, but named it “trojan” … and yes, then it is a FP :slight_smile:

I tested CIS 6 against the zip file registry test. The first time I tried after just installing CIS 6. I did not restart the computer. The test managed to simulate a computer restart. The second time I tried the test I restarted the computer. The test could not even run in the fully virtual sandbox after restarting the computer. I even tried running it with administrator rights within sandbox. I think Comodo does protect from this registry protection test.

Ask Comodo. I’m also interested what would answer be.

For example when a Trusted Vendor puts an adware in the installer of one of their programs.

When attempting to run test here on W8 x64 CIS AV flags as win32 leaktest
the test fails to run when allowed through the AV