BB Flashback installer accessing all open apps in memory

I downloaded BB Flashback Express by Blueberry Software from CNet Downloads (FlashBack Plus 5 Recorder - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download). When I ran the installer I got a notice from Comodo that it was trying to access firefox.exe in memory. I decided to allow it since CNet downloads are supposed to be spyware free. It then tried to access an image editing app I had running. I thought that was weird so I blocked it. It went through all open apps in the same way, I clicked Block each time. After it was through with all the running apps I decided to let the rest of the installer run in installation mode, only because I wanted to be able to do an uninstall. I considered just terminating the installer but figured I wouldn’t be able to do an uninstall.

It apparently changed my firefox homepage to And there is a new add-on in firefox called “Custom Search 1.0.1” which goes to this page. I do not have the option of uninstalling this add-on since the Uninstall button is grayed out.

I also tried two System Restores with different restore dates and they both failed. I get an error message “An unspecified error occurred during System Restore”. These are the first System Restore I attempted on this computer so I don’t know if the problems are related.

How unusual is it for an installer to access all open apps in memory? I have noticed several installers trying to access explorer.exe in memory which I have always allowed.

Is it likely it installed other malware?


I just downloaded it from the link you provided & it installed fine. I mean no toolbars, no craps nothing. I didn’t even got any popups from CIS. While installing it said now installing driver & the screen going black for a while is normal & it installed fine. I uninstalled it & it uninstalled fine too. I am running only CIS 5 Suite with Default Settings. Everything here with the software was fine, no probs nothing.


Same. Use BB Flashback Express time to time.

There was no popup from CIS coz it was scanned online & found safe. Just thought to mention it.


Thanks for looking into this. I downloaded several screen recording apps around the same time, so it may not have been BB Flashback Express which put the toolbar and add-on into firefox. BB Flashback Express was the last one I installed, and it did access firefox in memory. Also the black screen was there for about 1 minute until I finally turned the computer off.

By this quote

I am assuming you have some setting that allowed it to do whatever it wanted since it is deemed “trusted”? I am certain that the BB Flashback Express installer is the one that was trying to access all open apps in memory, which still seems odd to me.

I am not a security expert like y’all, so would you be worried about whatever app changed my homepage etc. I am not as worried about the homepage or add-on as I am about other potential malware installed at the same time.

BTW I love the Comodo product. The Defense+ really gives me a sense that my computer is secure from attacks.