BB and Sandbox

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What is the difference between the BB (auto-sandbox) and the Sandbox

The autosandbox, unless you modify/add a reg key (I don’t know very well, it’s a geek work), doesn’t provide full virtualization…is a sort of right limitation for unknown files. In default mode (partially limited) is quite effective, but can drop files in the system. If you set the automatic sandbox on higher levels (limited, restricted…) you have more protection, but applications can have problem to run because of the rights limitations.
The manual sandbox provides a full virtualization, so that you can run the browser inside it, and every malware you meet should be trapped and deleted once you reset the sandbox.
I just finished to watch a video test on youtube about that…as you can see, CIS sandbox did a very good job (not perfect >:-D).

I’ve changed the registry to enable BB fully virtualized will that stop malware e.g., ransomware??

Thanks wonderlust76 for the reply,