Battlefield 2142 and Comodo Firewall

Hey, today I got Battlefield 2142 and when first playing it, I did the usual allow all and was able to play online, everything was fine. But after a bit when I wanted to play it again, I loaded it, able to login and find servers, but if I try to connect to a server it says "You have failed to connect. Please check your network connection(s) and try again.
However if I disable Comodo firewall it joins servers fine (:SAD) ???

So, I was hoping someone could help me! This also happens for Battlefield 1942, but not for Battlefield 2.


According to this web page.

You need this…

Many players have noticed a large number of servers that are listed as having zero ping. This is most likely appearing because the server is not passing vital information to GameSpy's Master Servers, and this in turn can occur when vital ports are blocked by a firewall. Since these servers have been causing some initial issues with our Internet Browser parsing, we will begin to delist servers that are not passing this information to the Master Server. In the meantime, to ensure that your server remains listed for all users by GameSpy, please make sure that the following ports are open on your firewall and ensure that you have no manually changed any of the demo server's settings that are not exposed in normal config files.

Server Ports
UDP 27900
UDP/TCP 29900
TCP 80
TCP 4711
UDP 27901
UDP 1500-4999
UDP/TCP 1024-1124
UDP 29900
UDP/TCP 27900
UDP 16567
UDP 55123-55125

I hope that helps.