conflict with comodo internet security

ok with the last 2 launcher updates and now with even installing or
when the launcher ask’s for admin privileges or even during the first 15 seconds of running a scan and repair process
as long as i have the antivirus option enabled, my hole computer hard locks and forces me to hard restart my computer
and only when i disable antivirus leaving everything else enabled even HIPS feature everything stays running as it should and does not lock up the computer
and this is all on a fresh install of windows, multiple reinstalls trying to solve other issues and this one

system specs:
comodo internet security premium 11 free
windows 7 ultimate x64
intel core i-5 3470 (@4.0ghz all core turbo)
asus p8p67 pro (rev 3.0) (stock BCLK 100.0mhz can go 107.5mhz stable)
2x 8gb ddr3 1600mhz (@1866mhz timings)
gigabyte gtx 1050 ti [driver ver 391.24] (issue occurs on ver 417.35)
3 sata 3.0 HDD’s

Hi Clutchmaster,

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Thanks for reporting the issue. Can you please check your Inbox for private message and provide us the requested logs.

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