Batch Files won't run (NET START & NET STOP)

I use batch files, compiled into exes, to start and stop certain services in Win XP Pro SP3, example:-

@echo off
NET START “Protexis Licensing V2” > nul
“C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Programs\CorelDRW.exe” %1 /prefetch:1
NET STOP “Protexis Licensing V2”

NET START and NET STOP start and stop services from within batch files. (The service name should be that shown in the ‘Display Name’ property shown in the service’s property sheet)

After installing CIS these files no longer work. NET START and NET STOP clearly run through cmd.exe. The Sandbox window pops up for cmd.exe each time one of these commands is encountered and even though I respond not to run in the sandbox the command fails. I have added cmd.exe (and the original bat and compiled exes)into ‘My Own Safe Files’ but the Sandbox window persists and the NET commands fail.

These BAT files (and compiled EXEs) worked perfectly before I installed CIS. Any ideas?

Could you please specify the exact CIS version you’re using? (More… → About)

I had something like this happen before I updated CIS to the latest version. So I would try updating. Meanwhile I will move this to help until determined as a bug.

Best wishes


it can happen because of the compiling method use to make the .exe file.

u can try to use upx software to compress and make sure it’s all clean and good to use.

Can you tell me if this was resolved and if so how?

IF not I think this may need to be investigated further to see if it is a bug.

Best wishes