Bat_to_exe_converter false positive b2e.exe

First and foremost I did search this same topic first before posting and found a thread but it was no help to me and the thread was closed. I asked a moderator to reopen but they instructed me on posting a new thread.

I use bat_to_exe_converter to convert my batch files into an executable file then create a shortcut with a hotkey to active the .exe file when needed. I like to keep a clean boot on the computer by turning off all the startup programs in msconfig. Then there a few programs I need to run on my office computer after the boot. I created a batch file to run these then converted it to an .exe file. This has been working great then all of the sudden I starting getting a pop up everytime I use this program. It’s telling me I have a trojan on the b2e.exe program that is trying to run.

What happens is this creates a new folder in my temp folder each time it wants to run so if I add this to my safe files it does no good because it’s in a different directory each time.

What do I need to do to fix this?

At what level is Heuristic detection set?
And can you post a screenshot of the AV alert, or at least post the full name of the detection and the current AV database in use? You should be able to find the details in the CIS event log

Hi themediator,

Please submit respective file as false-positive to us by using this web page: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis

We will verify respective file and provide the requested feedback.


Okay it’s my home computer that has the issue not the office so when I get home tonight I will answer this and submit the file. What’s strange is I’m running the exact same version of CIS on both computers with Windows 7 Ultimate on both and the office computer is fine… I will get back to you guys later tonight.

Okay guys here is more information on this matter. I set my Anti Virus at Stateful. Screenshot provided and file was uploaded using the link in your post.

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