Basic signature pack download link

Is it possible to place somewhere with FAST upload speed basic(first) signature update which doesnt included in CIS installation file?

It tooks very long time to download first update…

Please do manual update!
Where i find AV databases >:(???

When CIS is installed on that computer with the fast connection then you can copy the bases.cav to a USB stick. Then on your own computer disable D+ from the systray; click right → Defense + security level → disabled . Then copy the new bases.cav to the scanners folder.

When the above doesn’t work disable D+ permanently (needs a reboot) and do the same. After copying enable it again. Do permanently disable D+ go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings → tick “Deactivate the D+ permanently (requires a reboot)” → Ok → Reboot.

Where i dowmload bases? Please give me link.

There is no link. After you’ve downloaded it (Within CIS) on one computer, you can copy the database to another machine.

Will be realized normal manual update? This is not convenient at the moment

can someone with higher net speed & unlimited usage upload latest bases.cav file to any free file hosting site & post link, so we can download from that site instead.

here you go, compressed in RAR format, if you can’t open, download 7-zip free to be able to uncompress.

DB 1578

Thanks alot languy99.

This is ridiculous when it comes to pick by hand in such a powerful product.

:frowning: >:( >:(
Can you make a normal friendly manual update database?