Basic Mode vs Defense +, How good is Basic mode?

When ver 3.0 was originally released, it didn’t load on my Vista laptop (install just hung), but I did get it running on my XP PC and I didn’t care for the constant dialogue with Defense +. So when the latest update came out, I installed it on my Vista PC in basic mode. This time, it installed.

Do I have the option to go into defense at some future time or would that take an uninstall and new install?

Is the protection in Basic mode equal to what ver 2.4 had at its last rev?

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Here is a link how to enable D+

Disabled: Disables Defense+ protection. All executables and applications are allowed to run irrespective of your configuration settings. Comodo strongly advise against this setting unless you are confident that you have an alternative intrusion defense system installed on your computer.

It is not advisable to run with Defense+ disabled as you only have half the protection you really need. You will not pass the leaktests, and it will prevent you from controlling outgoing traffic. It is better to use v-2.4 you would be better protected than to run without D+.


Basic Mode is just the Advanced Network Firewall; But it is more Advanced then V2’s Firewall, Including New Sleath Mode making your computer completely invisible to hackers and port scans). So yes, The Network Firewall (Like V2), But in V3 is upgraded.

Yes, You can go into Defense+ at any time and Adjust settings, etc. Go to main Firewall GUI, Click Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings and all General and Monitor Settings are in there, With comprehensive details.

I highly recommend Defense+, Because you get that EXTRA Hips, Protection from Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Rookits, keyloggers, and other threats; Even unknown Threats, Defense+ is extremely good, Also with a whitelist of over one million safe application. I got rid of my Antivirus for Defense+ in CFP 3, But I am an Advanced user, It is entirely up to you.

Overall: V3 is a totally different animal to V2.


Thanks for the link. I saw that check box earlier. Since it was checked, I thought Defense+ had already been disabled forever, since that’s how I interpreted “permanently”.

Being as good as ver 2.4 would suffice for me though. The comparison said 2.,4 was pretty darn good.