Basic guiide to uninstall everything including registry entries (a

how do i uninstall everything including registry entries (including everything) from this firewall?

pretty much all of us are techincally incompentent and we need wonderful ppl like you to rescue us!

Thanks For Being Wonderful :slight_smile:

Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems
Follow the methods I advise in that topic, only don’t reinstall. This should clear out most remnants.

thanks for being my hero. would you guess that revo uninstaller is good enough to remove the rest of the “remnants”?

ppl say “revo uninstaller” is the best one but ppl also say avast is one of the best (which from a viewpoint of caring about the users is not)… so ppl say alot of things ya know!

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your post, but how does Avast remove Comodo Firewall? ???

Is this topic not about uninstalling Comodo Firewall?

I think s/he means that he can’t trust one particular uninstaller (revo) just because everyone raves about it … because everyone raves about some AV apps too (viz. Avast) and he thinks that is a pile of bat guano.

If he can’t trust rave reviews for one type of product he can’t trust them for all types of products.
So he’s asking here if Revo is great or not.

So, if you reply to him, it might be wise to curb your enthusiasm… just a little.

@ Destry, He edited his post since I made my reply. His original post was much more ambiguous.

@ leavemealonee, yes, if you are running a 32 bit system Revo Uninstaller will probably be sufficient. However, as long as you’re not running Windows 8 I would suggest that you run the community cleanup tool as well.

Not according to the date/time stamps.

I stand corrected. :wink:

I apologize for that. It appears this is just a case of me not quite understanding his post at the first read.

Regardless, hopefully he is able to completely uninstall Comodo Firewall. If he still has problems I can help further.

i dont know what’s going on here this is for what i was looking for (maybe the most reliable review, didnt finish reading) – [Windows] Best free clean uninstaller | dotTech

can see on how to make the firewall user-friendly

i still have this comodo firewall even though it does nothing since i may have bad rules due to ‘training’