basic, average, and advanced protection.

When i installed the firewall i thoosed the “basic protection” for Defence+.

Is there a way to get that window back so i can change to average or advanced protection.?
(if not i think it should be added)

And if there is no way to do that, i would like to know the settings for each “protection levels” so i can change it manuelly…

Hi oOeagleOo

Go to Miscellaneous, manage my configurations, Select, Comodo optimum security. This should do it for you.


its grayed out, i cant click on “Comodo optimum security”

Hi oOeagleOo

Try this one. Go to Defense+, advanced, general settings, uncheck the box “deactivate the defense+ permanently”. this may also require a reboot.


After the update yesterday there is now:

“Comodo optimum security” and “Comodo Network security.”

why that ??