Base Filtering Engine

Does the current version of Comodo (5.x) require any of the Windows Firewall services, like Base Filtering Engine or does it still rely only on cmdAgent? I’ve searched the forums but only found threads about 3.x versions.


cmdagent is comodo’s entire engine (except cavscan.exe). Do you know of Wmware? register and download wmware player, put it comodo d+ exclusions (d+ → d+ settings → Execution controll settings → exlcusions add → the installation file), install it, restart, and you’re ready to install you copy of windows in wmware. This way you can test and see if this certain engine is needed or not

Valentin N

Thanks mate.

I already use VirtualBox, but that was too much work only to test one service. And anyway you just cleared my doubts. :slight_smile:

It’s best to experiment in a virtual machine which is the reason why I said what I said, unless you know what are doing or you’re willing to gamble. Windows restore is not the best either and doesn’t work as it should.