BASE_END_USER_v6199.cav download link available?

I have upgraded from using the COMODO Firewall (4.1) to the full CIS suite (5.0), and the installation seems to have worked, but I now need to update the virus signature database. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to do this manually, since I am on a dialup ISP with server timeout limits. The best I have been able to do is almost 50 MB before I am disconnected (the file itself is 104 MB).

I would be able to download this entire file if I could copy the download link to my DAP download manager, where I can safely resume my downloads even after disconnection from the ISP server. It will take 2 or 3 sessions, but I can get it done. Is there a separate link for this file?


Copy the link address from the big red link at the bottom of this page.
Into your download manager, supports resuming.


That link is for the v4 branch.

Check out Where can i download the latest full AV database?. You will find the downloads for various CIS version.

(:CLP) :-TU

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It only took me 9 hrs 42 mins to accomplish, but I was able to fully download the file and then install it as directed; now my CIS is up to date and ready to rock 'n roll!

I know you have dial up but jeeze, but it should have only taken about 4 hours using 56 K connection to take 9 hours you would have to be using 28.8

I will agree with the “jeeze”–but even though I have a 56K dialup ISP (supposedly “HiSpeed”), the best actual connection I am able to get is around 40K. That, combined with the fact that my Windows XP was performing its weekly automatic “patch Tuesday” update at the same time (quite a lengthy download), the elapsed time was understandable (I think). As I stated earlier, the most I have been able to download in 4 hours is around 48 MB; this file was 104 MB (the largest file I have ever attempted to download). A broadband connection would have simplified matters greatly; but one has to wonder, do software engineers bother to take into account how many dialup users there still are out in cyberspace?

from the data I could find only about 9% ( 2009) of users are still using dial up, about of those over 50% of then will not switch or switch only when prices go down of broadband. Prices I think are very reasonable right now, you can get DSL basic for about $15 in most of the country.

For what region(s) of the world are those figures?


That is a very misleading figure indeed, since it refers to all available adult households, not specifically those who already have some form of internet access. Among those who are already online, the percentage varies between 20%-40% who are still on dialup, depending upon the nature of the market (rural/suburban/urban) and how well saturated with broadband providers they are (I have consistently seen the overall average put at 38% for dialup!).

As far as pricing goes, one would think that the low DSL price you quote (available in only the largest markets) would put a downward pressure on dialup ISP prices, but so far they have not budged beyond a few introductory promotional specials here and there. My local phone company (a virtual monopoly) offers basic DSL service for double the amount you quote, and then only with a two-year contract.