Bart PE Plugin

Would it be possible to create a Bart PE plugin for the Anti-Virus scanner?

As it stands right now, it is difficult to promote the use of Comodo in environments that already have other solutions. It would be awesome to have Comodo ready to rock-n-roll by booting a PC with Bart PE and doing a real-time scan of potential customer’s files…especially when their software has failed them.

Bart PE is an elegant solution for introducing the software without “messing” with their machines and their software install policies.

Here are some reference links:


Having a Bart PE plug-in would be nice, but I don’t expect it to draw many (if any) to Comodo’s AV. When Comodo earns a reputation for it’s AV, the curious will flock. Right now there are still many questions about how well it stacks up against the others. Our forum members can do comparative testing all they want, but until other sites start including it with the other big names, you won’t see the fanfare.

At this time, I would not consider the AV to be ready for the prime time. They are working very hard to get it to where it needs to be, and when it finally gets there is when I would consider giving a :-TU to a Bart PE plug-in.

I wasn’t referring to Bart PE being a mainstream introductory tool. I was only talking about my scenario and how “I” would introduce it to new environments. When I walk into a new city hall, police station, etc. I carry with me a Bart PE boot CD as well as a USB drive with all the software / utilities that I use and recommend.

In my opinion, a Bart PE CD is the cleanest and fastest way to scan an infected PC.

Another potential solution would be to have the AV tool work as a portable app which can be run directly off a USB drive / stick such as the applications at