Banning the Application WinTV2K [Resolved]

This concerns CPF

I am having a difficulty with a program that I wish to prevent access to the Internet. I have used the CPF Security – Tasks – Define a New Banned Application without success.
The problem is with my Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350 card which uses WinTV2K.exe and that executable inserts hcwhook.dll into iExplorer.exe or Outlook.exe as WinTV2K.exe attempts to access the Internet. I do not want that action to occur. I wanted to block WinTV2K.exe.
I found the same situation explained in detail at,5695.0.html with Question and Answer provided.
You may view that situation under the topic Help with OLE Reply #14 January 25, 2007.
I implemented the guidance provided by using the CPF Define a New Banned Application, banning WinTV2K.exe without a parent and also WinTV2K as parents to iExplorer.exe and Outlook.exe ; a total of three entries.

There was no change in the operation. WinTV2K.exe continues to access the Internet using iExplorer and Outlook. CPF does not appear to block WinTV2K.
What am I missing here? I will appreciate all comments and recommendations. Thanks.

Update: Problem corrected.

I removed the three banned entries in Application Monitor for WinTV2K previously entered via Tasks – Define a New Banned Application.

Then, I went to CPF Security – Component Monitor – hcwhook.dll and ticked the Block for that file. Also select Apply to lock it in. That blocks WinTV2K from using iExplorer and Outlook to access the Internet.

I have yet to understand why Hauppauge wanted WinTV2K to access the Internet anyway. It won’t do it now.