Banning, approval new members and other options

Hi, I’ve recently moved from Hamachi (which is now fu**ed up) to Comodo Unite. I have a gaming network, but some of the options in Network Managing just aren’t working. When I ban somebody, nothing happens. He is in the ban list, but he can still stay in the network. When he leaves the network, or i remove him - he dissapears from the ban list and he can join again. I REALLY NEED THE BAN OPTION TO RUN A GAMING NETWORK!

Same thing with the members approval (I tried it, if it worked i wouldn’t need banning). Just won’t work. People can freely join anyway.

When I made a network which members approval from the start, I couldn’t set password. When somebody tried to join the network, he was asked for the password and he couldn’t join. We even tried typing same password as the network name.

And some other problems: when you press alt + l (it makes a polish ł letter, very important) - all letters in the line dissapear. Annoying.

One guy has problem with Comodo. He can’t make an account on his PC. He can’t even login when we made account for him (it says “signing up” all the time, nothing happens).

And the last bug I noticed - one of our players has a problem, he also can’t login. He only can, when he makes a new account. He has Windows 7 64 bit, and a 64 bit version of Unite. He said, that he can’t change any settings in the program.

Maybe some of the problems are caused by Hamachi? I think they didn’t uninstall the program before getting Unite.

Can you please fix some of the problems? The biggest problem is no banning option. When will there possibly be a new version of Comodo Unite?


firs of all. other vpn software need to be uninstaled in order to run comodo. so yes. you guys need to uninstal hamachi.

after that. reboot pc and check firewall settings. ( error 4 sign in it’s not an error made by user. ofter comod servers are down and anybody got this problem)

you can try to make a nwetorks with pasword protection with using only a-z but without ( ł ) since comod have a problems with recognize non alphanumeric characters.

while configuring comodo, make sure every one use one IPv under comodo adapter settings. best to use ( only one version of IP ) it’s to set up to IPv4. on every single one machine.

as well as setting comodo under home network for users vista/7 ( everyone in network)