"banned" when trying to login to forum

Hi Everyone,

I tried logging in yesterday to see if there was any updates on some questions I posted, already had some great info.

But I can only write this post from my mobile. On my computer I get the ‘banned: Spamming or suspected spamming’ message?

Anyone got any ideas on this? I know I’m not really banned as I could login via mobile. Is CIS doing something as I try to login and the website thinks I’m doing something I’m not? As you can see I’ve only asked a few questions as a novice to CIS.

Thanks for any info.

I checked your logins and I am wondering if you are you using third party VPN services or proxies to log in?

Thanks for checking. Oh yes, I use NordVPN by default (set to my local area, London). Is it not allowed? No problem to turn it off for forum use if thats the issue.

There is no problem using a VPN connection to the Comodo Forums; we’re a security forum. The IP address that was used in the blocked log in is part a set of blocked IP ranges that were once made to block spam. It is something we’re looking into. Is NordVPN the only VPN service you’re using?

Yes, Only NordVPN as i need it to connect to one of my freelance jobs in germany. most days its set to London.

I just tried the forum again without connecting to Nord and still get the same spamming msg.

Oh, I just checked my cookies in ccleaner and had stored one for forums.comodo.com for quick login. I cleaned it off and now I can access again both with and without the VPN.

Thanks for your updates Eric, not sure if the local cookie info is of any use?

I just made changes for the IP range that was blocked when you were not able to log in. If you get a ban message again when using NordVPN or another VPN service please report in this topic and at what time you got the message. The latter makes it easier for us to look up the event in the logs.

Much appreciated Eric. Thought I was asking too many questions! haha