bank website display problem - SOLVED

Having a problem with banking website not displaying properly in that none of the graphics or colored background downloads, I only see text & graphics placeholders. Screenshot is attached.

My computer runs Windows XP Pro SP3, 32 bit (windows updates current).

Updated today to Comodo Internet Security Pro 6.3; had problems with update & had to use Geek Buddy for good installation.

Got CIS Pro in December 2013 & had not had problems accessing my bank’s website until this week. I was hoping the update would “fix” that problem & there is no difference. I even tried using Incognito Mode & still had same wrong display problem.

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Please ensure that all add-ons or extensions are disabled in your browser. Then start the browser and let me know if the banking website is now displaying correctly.

If it’s still not displaying correctly please try viewing it using different browsers and let me know if it displays correctly with any of them. If not then let me know which browsers it does not work with.

Thank you.

Thank you for responding.

Incognito Mode implies that no extensions were enabled. Yet to make completely sure that none of my extensions were part of the problem, I disabled all of them & then it took 4 minutes for the text of my banking site to load. Only difference was that it took longer to get same result that I am complaining about.

I can successfully access my banking site with IE-8 & also with PaleMoon browsers.

My uneducated guesses as to what is causing the problem include scripts prevented from running, 3rd party graphics prevented from downloading.

I have NoScript extension on PaleMoon & that is what gave me the idea.

Which browser is it which you are having trouble with?

The browser that I am having the problem with is Comodo Dragon, version 31.1 - perhaps I should have made that plain in the initial post, yet I just assumed (I usually know better) it would be obvious what I was talking about since I was posting to this forum & had indicated that I had the current version of CIS.

You asked which browsers I could use without the problem with my bank website not loading correctly & I also gave that info, IE8 & PaleMoon.

Turning off the extensions with CD make no difference (ie., problem persists).

Where else can I get help with this issue?

Hi xpuserbychoice,
Disable ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)’, found under privacy in the advanced settings of Dragon.

Kind regards.

As this is an issue with Comodo Dragon, which I believe is likely fixable, I will move it to the appropriate HELP section of the forum.

Thank you.

I am thrilled to be able to report that my problem has been RESOLVED!

Thanks to Chiron for relocating my post to the proper place. Now I will know where to post if I ever have another problem.

Extra special thanks to CaptainSticks, who actually did provide the solution to my problem. :-TU

You are welcome, I am glad to hear that the issue is solved. :-TU