Bandwidth Theft

I have to live with capped bandwidth in a country known for its horrendously expensive rates. Bandwidth theft is increasing (I’ve been ripped off twice in less then a month) and when it happens the ISP simply suspends the service until the beginning of the next month.
I’m using an adsl stats analyzer (Sasa) which pops up a warning when the user selected maximum number of concurrent connections is exceeded. It doesn’t prevent abuse, it simply warns when theft occurs and provides you with the stats required in the battle to have the account reinstated.
Can Comodo be configured to block more than 1 concurrent connection on a home LAN? If so, how?
Any other tips and suggestions will be most welcome.


CFP would only be able to do anything if you’re connected to an ADSL modem and you’re hosting ICS shares on your PC. If this is the case, then you can set up network monitor rules to block inbound connections to your PC, but this could also affect any file and print sharing you have set up.

If you are connected by a router, then any restrictions would have to be done on the router, by assigning a static IP to your PC and setting up filters to block all IPs except yours, and tying the IP filter to your MAC address.

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I also live there. Have a look at my Reply #35 here. Comodo Forum

BTW. do you also get the UDP port scans by T’s DNS servers ? I don’t get them if using their cache server ( Configured via Proxomitron External Proxy Selector. )

Maybe in your case it’s advisable to change your a/c password ?