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Bandwidth Meter Pro - FP
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Hi beb,

Thanks for reporting.We are going to check that and get back to you.



Reported file was from my PC archive:
bwmeterpro_setup.exe (1257323 bytes, 2008-10-06, Bandwidth Meter Pro 2.6.629 installer)
md5: 17df56fd3ea502244268a9ddd97e6487
sha1: 825ea0ea4ce5b8089eff3e90fc51c867edb5df4c

Meanwhile after posting here above I’d followed given link and redownloaded
Then I found that the installer was renewed since my earlier download:
bwmeterpro_setup.exe (1216996 bytes, 2009-09-10, Bandwidth Meter Pro 2.6.629 installer)
md5: 2ff817a4befe5bc065d04921312ef701
sha: 8a8dbb54cdfe6ddf6c8256f9726d3bd25aee1c81

And there no more ‘malware’ detected in the renewed installer by CIS.

So my false positive report seem to be out of date by now.
I’m sorry.

Nevertheless, while many people may still have previous installer in use - I’ve sent it to Comodo Team via Website Submission Form

Thank you.

Hi beb,

This false-positive was fixed with DB 3502 of CIS 3.13.126709.581. You can check to confirm.

Thanks and regards,