Bandwidth management in Comodo firewall?


I’ve been using Comodo firewall for a while now and I thought that could it be possible to include bandwidth management in Comodo firewall?

This feature could be added into Comodo firewall’s activity screen between the traffic and action columns: a new column where could be a checkmark to switch the limit on or off for particular application, a slider for controlling bandwidth limit and kb indicator to show what’s the selected limit.

I made up an image to show things up more clearly and I include it as an attachment with this message. Hope you can see it…


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I agree :wink: It would be a NICE and MUCH needed (and expected? ;D) feature for many people, instead of having a bandwidth limiting software installed :slight_smile: .oO(Netlimiter etc. takes up a lot of resources :().

Big thanks from Denmark for these great & free products


Can you please add this to CPF wishlist if you havent already.