Bandwidth Limitations

Are there any limitations on the amount of bandwidth that can be transferred between the TC servers and the PC running the client?

Yes, approximately 2-3 mbits/s

Thanks, but I meant how much data you can transfer per month (not the speed).

Ah, sorry. The limit is 10 gigabytes/month.

Is the limit the same whether you use the TrustConnect you get when by buying CIS Pro, or buying TC itself on the TC website?

CIS Pro and TC itself have the same 10 gig limit.

Then there is a tiny problem…

Comodo Pro (with Trustconnect and other) is yearly : $39.00
Trustconnect only is : $49.99

Any logic ? no sir …


Perhaps this 10gb limit should be mentioned so users know what they are paying for.

It’'s mentioned when you buy it :slight_smile:


They should sort of mention it sooner. 88)