Balloon messeges and Alerts on the wrong side.


I just installed cfw 5.8 clean this morning and everything went ok. Later when I booted up my PC, the alerts and balloon messages started to pop up on my left side of the screen ( My left side ) instead of the right side ( where the clock is ).

They were popping up on the right side of the screen this morning. I have dragged them to the right side but this does not work for the next alert.

I tried looking around inthe forum but " Search " did not turn out anything.

Is there a way to make them to pop up on the right side of the screen again ?

Thank you.

EDIT: I rebooted and all seems to be right again. However if someone has any insights, they are welcome.

Hello Iroc,

Simply Drag them onto the Side you wish to have them on.

It seems you may have been playing a game or been busy and accidently dragged them over there; or a simple misunderstanding in system settings during installations.

Hi Jacob.

That´s the thing. I dragged like half a dozen, or more, alerts and balloons to the " Clock " side and still they were popping up on the side of " Start ". The only thing I remember I did, before this started to happen, was to change Comodo theme to black then I turned the PC off because I had something else to do. Later I booted the comp and the balloons started to show on my left side of the screen 88). After awhile of not finding a solution I rebooted and the balloons were coming out again on the side of the clock. ??? weird ???. Must be like you said, a glich in the settings, Hope so.

Thank you for your answer.

BTW nice removal tool. I used it after uninstalling 5.5 to clear left over to give 5.8 al the chance for a nice fresh, clean installment. Good job.