Balloon messages on the left

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You don’t need the balloon messages. Its better to disable them actually.

Yes but if they are on the left then it will interfere with the start menu. This is why ALL virus scans and firewalls pop up alerts on the right.

i have a question too , if I put D+ and firewall in training mode and after that disable the balloon messages ,it will still learn all the rules ?

Yes, it’ll still learn the rules. It’s just that it won’t notify you about it :wink:


Nooo… On right is good enough.

I think that the best solution would be that CFP would remember last position of each gui element like main window, d+ alerts, firewall alerts and balloon messages after each cfp relaunch and computer reboot.

Just untick balloon messages. Then your D+ alert will show. No program ever will show on the left. You don’t need the balloon messages.

Yep. You can disable balloon messages- Drive me insane.


Oddly enough I was doing something earlier configuring a new USB with portable apps and got a Windows error message (not related to CFP, I think I was trying to delete something) when the D+ (in training mode) balloons started appearing on the left!

I was overjoyed as there’s many times I have multiple alerts with different programs all popping up on the right along with D+ and firewall alerts. A reboot corrected the “problem” (:AGY)

I also like the idea of being able to place them to last known…

what should be nice is to take over alerts popup and ballon messages when u right click the comodo icon to change settings, it’s very annoying to not be able to change settings when some alert popup or balloon message appear over the right click settings.
what do u think?
is it possible to change that in next build?
to make the comodo right click setting taking the lead over all the others alerts or messages when u need to change settings this way?
i think it should be better.

Hmmm… it,s really too annoying.

Why not drag the task bar to the left side of the screen whilst you have activity in the way.

This leaves the alert pop ups to do their thing and you operate the computer as usual with the task bar vertical

This is like creating a new problem to get rid of an older problem.

Just trying to suggest a temporary solution

Hopefully the next release will address the problem

The ballon messages don’t last forever nor does the side task bar have to stay there for ever, just whilst there is a flurry of activity initially