Balloon Font/DPI Truncation (V3.0.14.276 x32)[Fixed]

When a D+ balloon pop-up uses more than three lines, the fourth line will be missing the bottom half. because the font is truncated. Also, long lines are cut off as seen on the first line.

Window Settings:

DPI -115 (Customized at 120%)

Resolution -1024 x 768 pixels

Font size - Normal

Al (test with 120 DPI) Adric

System Information:

IBM T41 Laptop
Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1700MHz
1GB Memory
Windows XP + SP2 + WUS security Fixes
Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition

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Does it work at least with 120DPI ???



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I guess they should make that window resizeable and able to remember settings/placement. It shouldn’t be a time consuming task.

Some Defense+ alerts have a long text string ( like alerts showing registry keys names ).
In some of this cases we can’t see the full registry name because it’s truncated.

Can you please take this in consideration in future releases ?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

It can be truncated can’t it? I agree, It is very complex… CFP 3.0 is ADVANCED all over, Atleast people have the option to disable hips and use something else :slight_smile:

BTW… I am using Defense+

It’s a bug. Add your comment to this thread so it will get some attention, otherwise it will be forgotten and slip through the cracks. I don’t think GUI programming is one of Comodo’s strong points so it may or may not get fixed. Although, I’m told that Comdo has a large team that fixes bugs continuously. :slight_smile:


This bug has been fixed in the version of CFP