Balloon Alerts

I now have v. 3.10.
Can you please point me to the option for switching off ONLY the AV update balloon.
I can see the box in the tray for turning off balloon messages and I can still see the option in scanner settings to turn off ‘show alerts and notification messages’.
Nowhere can I find an option just for the update balloon.
Hopefully it is there somewhere because it was promised.

Right click on the CIS icon near the clock in the taskbar and uncheck Display Balloon Messages.

This should disable the ballon messages for CIS.

Yes, but does that dis-able all messages i.e. Firewall messages viz: allow or block?

I’m not sure what other messages may be displayed by the balloons, but the firewall and defense+ alerts aren’t balloons so you still get those notifications.

Many thanks.
That answers the question.
Keep up the good work.