Baidu SystemUp.

Baidu is a software company from China and now it looks like they’re expanding their business to another country in Asia.

In Thailand they opened however it’s not popuplar enough.

Today I’ve seen a product called PatchUp (English language)

Still in beta, Not tested yet. Some body give a try?

I tried it on my laptop and i continuously crashed so couldn’t test it further i emailed he staff hope they fix the issue

Tried it on several computers, finds windows update, downloads and installs all automatically, and is light on
even low end systems [156MB ram and lower].
Extremely stable, not a single crash. I use it. :-TU

Does it only detects windows update or also software update ?

thanks for the info

This thingumajig only checks windows updates and occupies totally about 150 Mb ram in 3 modules. Kingsoft AV 2012 for example takes about 12 Mb and hundreds time more functional. The Baidu SystemUp is a useless ■■■■.

Is this same outfit who produce the ghastly crapware baidu toolbar ???
Then no thanks :slight_smile:

Windows Update, Critical, High Priority and Optional. It does not detect hardware drivers via update.

I wouldn’t call this program ■■■■.
Bear in mind that it is still in BETA, so for some people would work, for some people would not.
I use this program on high end and ancient-end systems, no slowdown, no CPU spikes, no HDD hog, no high memory consumption. If it works for you, use it, if not, use alternative like PSI.

Sometimes it helps doing custom installation and reviewing each option what to install or not install.
I think something is included in the install process but you can choose not to install.

Now they updated their program with cleaner and more tools.

I won’t try yet.