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that will be interesting in future. right now it uses the technique components from Kingsoft + Avira

see: Baidu Antivirus 2013 | Wilders Security Forums

and a quote from Kingsoft Forum:

Possible Reason For KAV 2013 English Delay

Postby DBone » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:29 pm
I found the following info regarding the new Baidu AV ( ) and this might explain what is going on with KAV 2013. Looks like there are some big changes going on and we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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In order to compete with Qihoo’s anti-virus software, Baidu announced in December 2012 that it will raise ~$1.5 billion in the form of bonds to make strategic acquisitions. It intends to acquire Kingsoft Internet Security (KIS), the third largest anti-virus software provider in China with ~150 million users. By including Kingsoft’s security features in its searches, Baidu would improve the level of safety in its searches and with Kingsoft’s wide product range, which includes Kingsoft Antivirus, Kingsoft Security Defender, Cheetah Browser and Kingsoft Mobile Defender, the company will be able to expand its distribution channel. Along with this KIS will also help Baidu to improve the user privacy issues which will in turn increase the traffic share.

Apart from this, I feel that online travel and videos will see an upward trend in China in future. It is expected that online travel sales will grow by ~5% next year. Baidu is all set to handle the upcoming increase with its subsidiaries Qunar, the online search engine and iQiyi, the online video website. Qunar is now the largest online travel integration website of China which integrates more than 400 online travel agencies. In addition to that, it is expected that in future mobile video will see the fastest growth with respect to data traffic and will account for ~70% of the total mobile traffic. I feel that iQiyi, the second largest online video website of the country, will be able to cope up with this increase as it was able to grow to ~28% in mobile traffic in December, 2012 from last year’s ~4% only.

Baidu currently dominates ~80% of the Chinese search revenue and traffic, but after looking at the above factors I feel that in 2013 the company is sincerely planning to increase its share in the growing market."

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More Info:

Baidu-Kingsoft Alliance Rumors Gain Further Credence As Qihoo 360 CEO Fumes | TechCrunch … ceo-fumes/ … 51919.html

Does it use their engines or their databases? What engine does Baidu use?

Baidu uses Baidu Antivirus Engine + Baidu Cloud Engine + Avira Engine … but i think the first both are from Kingsoft. Baidu Antivirus 2013 offers ultrafast cloud security for free - Neowin

u can read much about it at here: Baidu Antivirus 2013 | Wilders Security Forums


by default: Avira Engine disabled

• Smart protection automatically selects the necessary engines
• Baidu Antivirus is compatible with 10 major safety programs (security software)

youtube Test: Baidu Antivirus 2013 BETA - Test with more links - YouTube

Baidu PC Faster + Antivirus Beta (Free)

I wanna say that. It available in both English and Thai.
Baidu expand their service to some Asian country But in my country It’s no really popular at this time.

Avira Free Antivirus + Baidu PC Faster - is not available from Thailand ? (available here)

[b]Baidu[/b] expand their service to some Asian country But in my country It's no really popular at this time.

in Thailand do not know yet - novelty, beta…

other youtube review… - YouTube

Avaliable. But Baidu can do almost thing like Tweaking, Antivirus (With Avira engine.), Patcher and more.
See for more details.

Hi Chaps. I have the latest version installed as another layer of security and it does not say Beta, yet i have not seen anything saying this is now final?..can anyone shed light on that please.

On another note its 15/5/2013 and i checked via the updater that its says 13/5/13 and is up to date?..It looks like its 2 days behind in terms of its data base…which concerns me as god knows how many malware are created and chucked on the internet in that space of time.I know it has a behavior blocker proactive protection as well as file protection but it just seems plain daft and insecure that its behind all the time or is that the price we pay for free software…

What do you guys think?..


It’s a cloud AV, so the updates are not real important except for the optional Avira module. I think they are having server problems in certain parts of the world, not a lack of updates.

I sure like the GUI. On second thought, I LOVE the GUI.

new beta version 3.6… see


It’s ok. I scanned with it and it found 11 false positives so it is FP happy.

You can report false positives through the methods mentioned here.

Tried this Av previously and whilst it is very light on the system and has Hips and the Avira defs you could say it has promise… as well as its own defs and cloud , there has been around 6 new versions with this and that fix or improvement, however you only have to go on various forums and Avira is always a week or two behind on defs after you click update, and the only version that does update is around 2 months ago or more?.

It seems Baidu cannot solve the problem but keep sending out supposed new versions and this does not make sense to me as it never updates…

Regards Dave1234

They have released a new beta version.

About the updates, they had promised weekly updates starting this month. I tried about 5 days ago but no luck. I’m not too tempted to try the new version, but if I do I’ll let you know about it.

contact per mail and the baidu engineer will help u to fix the update problem. They work on it. i know, its a bit stressfully!

But i like that they upload every 2 weeks new versions with new improvements. And i think they wil fix this update issue soon.

Thanks M.Richter, I will try that. I have seen them give this email to someone else (maybe it was you) in their Forum, but my questions there went pretty much unanswered. This can even be a good thing, in my opinion, if it means they’re thinking about what I said. I asked whether their weekly update plan was temporary or permanent, arguing that it is a serious risk to trust the bulk of the detection to the cloud when you don’t have internet connection and need to plug in an USB with some files you need to use. I hope they can offer at the very least daily updates, and start taking better care of their Forum too.