Badware filter for portals and special layers for servers.

There are 2 ideas.

I. under “badware” i just mean things from I often see that spam robots found forums where - even with actication registering, even with simplier special code pictures - they can fill up the forum with entries you wouldn’t ever want. Basicly, these are spammers.
Now, there can be two main option for this tool.
One - or only - main feature would be to simply update the php pages with codes where it’s necessery.
Another would be an auto-banner option (i think the one, i mentioned first, is for portal authors maybe). This can be a part of the firewall or a simple layer somewhere. The program would watch entries only and if found known or repeated text, it would either ban the poster IP or deny the postings.
The plus one: run it and it’ll search and delete the entries.

II. For webservers, a simple thing like “iis shield”. It has got some good option but i wonder if you can create better protection for web servers. Fe. to filter out the common attack types (… …/…/cmd.exe etc.). I don’t know how to use at apache servers but a dll file is easy to configure under windows for the internet information services. I’d be glad to hear about an easy to use configuration management interface which’d make it possible to test the settings (~reset the service and open the defined home page).
A site which got some bots, creating xxx entry junks at my reviews and topics.
Current banned IP addresses (which the bots have used /i didn’t check if static or not/):