Badaboom media converter stops working

Hai ,today i installed cis latest version 3.12,updated on my clean pc,vista 32bit,with all driver updates,i have all programes working but after installation cis badaboom media converter stops working ,its not opening
Defence plus in trainging mode, and installtion mode,firewall safe mode,no blocked files in pending approval list,any body face problem,i tried to reinstall badaboom,still same problem,please help

Its a well known application

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I downloaded and installed it but it won’t work because I don’t have an NVIDIA graphics card and CUDA.

Sorry,i have nvidia and cuda ,also i tried installing power dvd 9 same problem,real player and windows media player working fine

Vist 32bit service pack 2 with all updates

Avira anty viral premium

Cis without anty virus option

If i uninstall cis everything fine

Windows problem reports, there we can see the error

How i can submit that to comodo

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Do the Defense + logs give a clue about what it happening? Please show us a screenshot of them to look for clues for Badaboom and Power DVD. The logs can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Alerts. Also let us know what the Windows logs report.

With regards to Power DVD see if the following brings any solace: .

The devs will read the bug boards and will see your problem. For minidumps there is a special submission topic.


Try to untick everything under Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings/Monitor settings, then untick “detect shellcode injections” under Defense+/Advanced/Image Execution settings, set D+ to safe mode and start badaboom media converter and/or power dvd 9. If it/they run(s) fine chances are there is a workaround by tweaking some of D+ options.