Bad that these ports are open?

I had a recent look at my Active Connections and noticed:


TCP Listening on: 5357
TCP Listening on: 445
TCP Listening on: 139

Everything I read seems to suggest that these are bad to have open - are they - and why are they open? Should I close them or will I lose something that I am not sure of?


Hi henryd,

Well it depends, if you check these on your PC then they are probably “LISTENING”
139 and 445 are used for Microsoft File and Printer Sharing so others can connect TO you, so in general you don’t want to have these ports open from the Internet to your PC.

Can you tell what application shows up with 5357? it has multiple hits on both good and bad processes.

So depending on your network setup it’s better to have these closed from the internet to you.
Is your PC behind a router before it accesses the internet?

Hi there thanks for replying.

My PC is behind a wifi router - and also I am sure that the traffic is coming through Comodos IP (I am sure I made that a setting).

Interestingly I just had a look and all of this is showing:

TCP Listening: 2869
TCP Listening: 5357
TCP IN: *** IP address **** 2571
TCP IN: *** IP address **** 2572
TCP IN: *** IP address **** 2573

How can you tell what these ports are doing and how can you turn them off? Seems from Comodo I cant edit anything, (from the Active Connections)

Thanks v much

I’m not sure what your are suggesting with the Comodo IP is that connecting to 139/445??

You need to know what application has opened those sockets before you can know how to close them…

… while i would block all unrequested ingoing traffic at first. use the stealth port wizard, hide me from everyone.
or make a rule in global rules, “block ip in any any”.
and block these mentioned ports for both directions and all protocolls (ip) in global rules too.